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Colbert bills // Colbills

Stephen Colbert has his own currency

Stephen Colbert bills
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this is a community dedicated to Stepcen Colbert money crossing and this is a SEMI-OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN called Colbills (so clever, aye?). i actually didn't come up with the idea of writing these things on money but i thought that it's be fun letting people know 'bout their finds and stuff like that. if you don't know what that is, listen to this; "register" to the crossing list by commenting with your number code (you'll know what it is, just check the last commenter's number. it goes in order like #001, #002, #003 and so on). after that you take a bill (paper money, you know!), you can go with dollars, euros, pounds or anything else and every value is good. after you've found your money grab a pen, any pen. write "Stephen Colbert is the man" or some else truth on the bottom and your number code (you can write that somewhere else). after you've done that take a picture of it or scan it (this is not necessary but definately nice). copy the text of the box somewhere below and post your Colbill's information.
 if you've found a bill that says something about Stephen Colbert, take a picture of it or scan it (still not necessary but nice). copy the text of the second box somewhere below and post it in here. it doesn't matter if there isn't a number code, you can post it anyway.
 this'll be fun.


for sended Colbills:

for received Colbills:


-register if you are a money releaser (colbiller)
-take pictures of your money! (or scan it)
-copy the text of the proper box.
-post and let the fun begin!

YOUR MOD. (that bitch isn't that loaded at all.)

it's Anni. from Finland. writes truths on euros. number code #001. came up with the idea of this community. is very friendly but does not tolarate bitching.