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#025 - Colbert bills // Colbills [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stephen Colbert bills

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#025 [Sep. 18, 2007//18:17]
Stephen Colbert bills
Your username? DesDiamondS
Your number code?#025
What kind of money did you release? (ie. $1 or five euros) three $1
Where did you release it? (city, possible US territory and country) Puerto Rico
When did you release it?
What did you write on it? Stephen Colbert= LOVE, Stephen Colbert es el mejor, I love Stephen Colbert
Where did you write your number code? (ie. left bottom corner [and you should write it if you wrote on you bill after you've registered here]) on top of the letter "o" in "one"
Pictures of my money (pics over 400x400 under a cut) or a description (ie. what kind of pen did you use): Black Ball Point Pen, Round handwriting.